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Proud to be bringing you NRA Indy 14 Coverage!

Will be attending the NRA Show in Indianapolis next weekend!

Be on the lookout for pictures on the 26th & 27th.

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arkanik7th asked: Got a question for you, friend. You seem to be extremely knowledgeable about concealed carrying. Are there any options for the concealing of spare magazines? Summer is coming so I will most likely be carrying my .380 IWB rather than my .45 in my shoulder harness, but I don't like the idea of having obvious mag pouches on my belt to give away my carrying. I asked a couple people before and was told 'use a cellphone case', but that would also be a giveaway as I don't normally use one. Any advice?

During the summer I do use a mag carrier on my hip and a t-shirt to cover it.

The mag carriers I use are the slimmest profile you can have for a mag carrier and they can easily be positioned anywhere on your belt and can even be removed in seconds.

You won’t even notice they’re there and your t-shirt will cover them no problem. When you get into trying to carry spare magazines else where on your person, for example, a pocket, fanny pack, bag pack, etc. How fast do you think you’ll get to them? Not very.

On the home screen of Brian’s page there, scroll down and you’ll see a post called, “New in-depth review.” Those are my own videos on the mag carriers. Enjoy! If you don’t see your 380 located on his website, let me know what it is. A lot of the mag carriers will work with other pistol mags(He just doesn’t state that on his website).

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Newest arrival!

Sig Sauers latest AR: Sig556XI

Mine is the standard Polymer handguard model.

Directly from Sig:

The evolution of the SIG556® platform, the new SIG556xi gives you unparalleled modularity in barrel length, caliber, magazine type, and stock configuration. A folding stock combined with ambidextrous magazine release, bolt release, safety selector and charging handle. Accepts any MIL-SPEC AR-15/M4/M16 or AK-style magazines depending upon lower. Available with a polymer or aluminum handguard.


- 3-position adjustable gas piston operating system with rotating bolt
- Swiss-style folding stock with removable cheek riser
- Ambidextrous controls
- Locking flip-up front and rear sights
- Polymer handguard (compatible with Magpul® MOE® accessories)
- Caliber convertible: 5.56 NATO / 7.62 x 39mm / 300 Blk


My S&W 15-22 build is now complete!

Started as a 15-22 MOE FDE

Equipped it with a Magpul MS4 Tan sling, and a QD Rail for a two point option(shown in pictures), or one point option.

NDZ performance tactical charging handle & magazine tab in FDE.

Magpul vertical grip in FDE to finish her off.

Let me know what y’all think!

I do have two 50 round drums to go with it. :)

You can find more information on these products here:

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#Vertx EDC Courier Bag Overview

Just received my gray Vertx EDC Courier bag.

Pics to follow as I use and load this up.

Quality and thoughts behind the bag is amazing.

See more at:

#Vertx EDC Commuter

My everyday go to sling bag. Nice padded strap, optional waist strap that can be tucked away. Several storage options and plenty of Velcro and Molle attachment spots(inside and out). The front of the bag has a flap that can be tucked away to expose Velcro and Molle attachment spots. Or can be covered for a more subdued look.

Luggage tab for faster zipper opening for fast drawing of your firearm or self defense tool.

More pictures to come and extensive testing as I use the bag.

Find more gear at:

#Vertx EDC Satchel bag.

Newly released EDC Satchel. Padded shoulder strap, optional waist strap(can be tucked away when not used). Plenty of storage, “luggage” tag so you know right where your pull tab is to get to your firearm for self defense situations. Rubber tabs with buttons to stop your zippers from opening your bag too far. Velcro attachment points on the exterior and interior for accessories or morale patches.

More pictures to follow and extensive testing through out the future. This is going to be my go to bag that goes with me everywhere. Also going to be my DSLR bag.

Find more Vertx gear at:

#Vertx A-Range Bag overview.

The new Vertx A-Range bag that just started shipping made of premium condura, YKK Zippers, and plenty of places for Velcro accessories. This range bag is unique, two layers separated by hard plastic so you can keep your ammo underneath and everything else above.

Came with a 6 mag pouch, a security cable that runs through the entire bag so it can be locked at home or the range. Lockable zippers, padded shoulder strap, and Velcro layers for patches/accessories.

Testing and going to be loaded it up tomorrow wit eye pro, ear pro, accessories, tools, etc.

More pictures to follow!

Find this bag and more at:

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Michigan residents can now have SBR’s & SBS!

I need to decide what I want now :)

Michigan residents can now have SBR’s & SBS!

I need to decide what I want now :)


Picked up a couple Glock 42’s today.

Going to be doing some extensive range time & conceal carrying this as my back-up firearm.

Shot 10 mags through it today without an issue.

Using Hornady Critical Defense Ammuntion.

Stay tuned for range time!

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